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Boating Accidents Rise During Summer

Who loves boating? The wind, the water, the waves, the sunshine. Everyone except those prone to seasickness I suppose! Another friendly warning from your local attorneys – be careful on the water. According to our beloved U.S. Coast Guard (seriously, we have the greatest Coast Guard in the world, hands down), between 40 and 50 boating accidents involving damages of over $2,000 happen every year. Unfortunately, about five people are killed in boating accidents every year.

The good news is that Connecticut has the second lowest incidents of boating accidents of all New England states. Still, our view is that one injury or death is one too many. California laws allow for the surviving family members of the deceased to file a civil law suit on their behalf. The monetary damages they receive are designed to help those who were financially and/or emotionally dependent on the deceased.

The sudden, inexplicable death of a cherished loved one can tear a family apart. Taking legal action may be the furthest thing from the survivor’s mind, but it is important that they discuss their options with a California wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. The longer a family waits, the more likely the probability that crucial evidence is lost or destroyed. Visit read more for more information. It may also help if you hire court reporters in Spokane who are responsible for keeping written records of legal proceedings, whether in government, court, or private settings. The verbatim documentation in criminal, civil and other court proceedings requires professionals who are highly skilled and trained in court reporting, which usually involves stenography.
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Love your families and friends. Have fun on the water. But come back into port safe and sound so you can go out again and again.

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