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Category: employment

Noncompete litigation remains steady in Connecticut

A new survey by attorney Andrew Magwood of the Magwood Law Firm, Norwich Connecticut, shows that noncompete litigation remained steady in Connecticut since 2005.

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Get ready to pay more in overtime Connecticut

It may not be a increase in the minimum wage, but a federal rule set to go in to effect in December 2016 will cost Connecticut employers millions in new overtime pay.

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Trade secrets, what trade secrets?

It’s an old story. Competing companies, especially ones in a niche market, enter into some sort of deal. Maybe it’s a joint marketing deal or a joint venture, or maybe one is considering buying the other. Sometime later an employee of one leaves and gets hired at the other. That’s when all the conflict starts. […]

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What makes an employment attorney?

Every attorney can handle any matter. By virtue of the fat that we have been admitted to practice law, we have been deemed competent to handle any legal matter – including employment law. But that does not mean that every lawyer is actually a competent employment attorney. Here are my top criteria for what makes […]

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