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Once upon a time, there was a family that did not plan ahead…

The air is still and heavy. The hum of traffic outside buzzed softly. A young, twenty-something, brother and sister sit in black chairs at the law office. Their Dad had just passed away and they were the only heirs. They were concerned though, because Grandma had moved into the house (“temporarily”) and all of Dad’s […]

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Estate Planning for Doctors

Do you know who is the worst about doing their estate planning (other than lawyers – you know, as they say “the plumber’s pipes always leak”). Medical professionals. Doctors and nurses. You know, people who see the realities of life and death every day. The reason why (at least this is what our medical clients […]

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Motorcycle Accidents Rise During Summer

Summertime. Connecticut roads. Motorcycles. Just about perfect. If it weren’t for the accidents. One of the major insurers has reported that (based on its 2014 claims data) June is the most dangerous month for motorcycle accidents with 4 out of 10 of the most claim days in June. Not surprisingly, Saturdays are also high for […]

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Estate Planning and Timing

If both parents die in an accident, what happens to their minor children? Well, that all depends. You do have a will naming guardians for them, right? Or, at the very least, you named a standby guardian so that someone can take care of your kids for three months after you died, right? No? Then […]

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Strange laws…

Want to know a weird Connecticut law? Until 2002, it was illegal to keep town records or probate records in any place where liquor was sold. So, it used to be illegal to have the local tavern be the storage facility for the town. Of course, as with most laws, there is a reason behind […]

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When to plan

Quick quiz: when are the two times people are most likely to make estate plans? Times up! In our experience it is (1) travelling out of the country and (2) going in for surgery involving general anesthesia. Here is the weird thing, these are the wrong times to be planning! (Of course, better late than […]

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Bike Accidents Rise During Summer

Summer is here and its time to pull the bikes out and go for a ride. If that sounds great, remember, bike accidents are highest during summer, and are most likely between 3 and 6pm. A few years ago a friend of ours was killed in a cycling fatality. He was a very experienced rider […]

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Property Tax Appeals

Don’t we all love paying property taxes? Well, at least they are always fair and reasonable. No? There are appeal rights. You can appeal the assessment, and even if the town doesn’t agree with you, you can still take the appeal to court and have a judge review it. You can do this by yourself, […]

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Estate planning for pre-marital property

Did you know that whatever you owned before marriage, belongs solely to you even after you get married? If you want it to go to your spouse, you need to take some steps to make that happen. That is called estate planning. Estate planning is simply a big way of saying “planning now, while I […]

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Can I sue someone who sued me?

Did you know that you can sue someone who has previously filed and lost a frivolous lawsuit against you? Even if it was small claims, you can still recover your costs from the prior lawsuit. Of course, you may just want to let sleeping dogs lie but you should at least check it out with […]

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