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School is out, and its time for a road trip!

Not so fast. Time to consider summer driving safety first. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the month of August had the second highest number of fatal car accidents in 2014, with 3,037 (right behind October’s 3,068). The months of June, July, and September each had over 2,800 fatal accidents. Why the […]

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New Overtime Rules On Hold!

The new overtime rules, (I recently reported on these, here) which would have increased overtime for nearly 4 million employees, has been placed on hold for the time being by a Federal Judge in Texas.

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Can They Garnish My Wages? And What Does That Mean?

Short answers – yes, “they” can garnish your wages, and it means that your employer will be required to pay a portion of your wages to a debt collector. But, I am assuming you already know that. So, here is a short list of things you may not know about wage garnishment:

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When Should You Declare Bankruptcy?

To be bankrupt means to be “unable to satisfy any just claims made.” So, when you are unable to resolve claims against you, then you are in fact bankrupt, even if you have not declared bankruptcy. I get lots of consultations from people who are panicking, but are not actually bankrupt. For instance, if you […]

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Free Power of Attorney Form

I was going to put out some free resources, and was considering putting out a free power of attorney form. But, I hesitated and ultimately decided against putting one out. Why?

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Overtime Law 2016

I already posted on the changes to overtime law but now those changes are set to be implemented. If you need help working through the changes and what they may mean for you, give us a call.

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A CUTPA Win! (And Loss… Doh!)

It is so nice to win on appeal, overturning a stunning loss at trial, having the Court adopt your reasoning in its decision. Except when you concede issues that come back to bite you. The defendant in Western Dermatology Consultants, P.C. v. VitalWorks, Inc. had this happen in, what I will call “The Good, The […]

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If You Can’t Prove Breach of Contract You Can’t Prove CUTPA

So says the court in a recently decided case, Solairaj v. Mannarino Builders, Inc., AC 37988 Court of Appeals of Connecticut (September 6, 2016). The long and short of the case,

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Three Ways to Save Money on Legal Fees

There are three ways to save money on legal fees. Not two, not four, but three.

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The Bills Are Killing Me

You are not alone. Life happens to all of us, and for some it hits us really hard in the bank account. Here is a list of famous people who each had to file bankruptcy at one time or another:

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