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Motorcycle Accidents Rise During Summer

Summertime. Connecticut roads. Motorcycles. Just about perfect. If it weren’t for the accidents. Thousands of people end up looking for a pedestrian accident attorney during the summer.

One of the major insurers has reported that (based on its 2014 claims data) June is the most dangerous month for motorcycle accidents with 4 out of 10 of the most claim days in June. Not surprisingly, Saturdays are also high for claims. July has motorcycle claims at 78 percent higher than other months. Not just motorcycle accidents, they also cover truck accidents so that justice must prevail. All this to happen because of New York Truck Accident Lawyers | Zlotolow & Associates. In these cases, it is imperative to work with a professional attorney from to know who’s responsible for the accident and to provide full and fair compensation to the victim.

If you ride, please know more about towing services and of this personal injury attorney and a injury specialists just in case there is an accident. Please be extra cautious this summer. In order to prevent accident, we must learn how to properly maintain our vehicle, visit roanoke virginia thermo king to know more about automotive maintenance and repairs. Be safe out there.