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Noncompete litigation remains steady in Connecticut

A new survey by attorney Andrew Magwood of the Magwood Law Firm, Norwich Connecticut, shows that noncompete litigation remained steady in Connecticut since 2005.

The study, of course, has its limitations because it relies only on published cases. The survey looked at every case in 1991 published in the state of Connecticut which had as one of its central claims the enforcement of a noncompete clause. One surprise of the survey was how many family law cases involved the enforcement or buyout of a noncompete clause. Note to family law attorneys: you need to get up to speed on non-competes which are becoming more popular.

The data was compared with a 2010 national study conducted by the Shepherd Law Group (survey can be found here) and tracked neatly with the data. Of course the Shepherd Law Group’s study ended in 2010, we can’t be sure that the Connecticut trends match the national trends beyond 2010. Connecticut from about 2004 or 2005 the cases remained fairly steady and is not shown any substantial increase or decrease. Another interesting metric to compare with our Google trends searches in Connecticut for the term noncompete. From 2004 to 2005 there were between 50 and 100 searches per month in Connecticut for the term noncompete. From 2006 and forward that number dropped significantly to no more than 35 searches per month and has steadily decreased until August 2016 with a search volume of six per month. What does it all mean? First, non-competes continue to be a significant issue in civil employment cases in Connecticut. Second, there seems to be no correlation between people searching on the Internet for non-competes and information about non-competes and noncompete litigation. Finally, as noted before, family law issues will sometimes revolve around non-competes. My presumption is that this is because higher wage employees are more likely to have non-competes where it will become more of an issue for spousal support. Perhaps some family law specialist can weigh in on why non-competes become so important in dissolution proceedings. As usual if you need any help with noncompete litigation please feel free to give Connecticut employment attorney Andrew Magwood a call at 860-373-2386.