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Connecticut, like every other state in the country, is an at will employment state. What that means is that the default relationship between an employer and an employee is the employer may hire or fire the employee at any time for any reason or no reason, except for an illegal reason. Likewise an employee may quit employment at any time for any reason.

Of course there are a number of exceptions. For instance, there may be a union contract which provides for restrictions on ending the employment agreement. Or there may be a personal contract between the employer and the employee.

Where an employee is being fired for illegal reason, that could give rise to a civil lawsuit against the employer. Illegal reasons for terminating an employee might be for discriminatory reasons, based on age or race. Or, it could be for retaliation against the employee where the employee has attempted to exercise his or her rights protected by law.

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Every attorney can handle any matter. By virtue of the fat that we have been admitted to practice law, we have been deemed competent to handle any legal matter – including employment law. But that does not mean that every lawyer is actually a competent employment attorney. Here are my top criteria for what makes an employment attorney: (read more…)

It’s an old story. Competing companies, especially ones in a niche market, enter into some sort of deal. Maybe it’s a joint marketing deal or a joint venture, or maybe one is considering buying the other. Sometime later an employee of one leaves and gets hired at the other. That’s when all the conflict starts. The company that lost the employee also claims that the employee ransacked the business he left to benefit his new employee. Client lists, product specifications, financial information. In short, the employee is alleged to have stolen trade secrets.

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I already posted on the changes to overtime law but now those changes are set to be implemented. If you need help working through the changes and what they may mean for you, give us a call.

A new survey by attorney Andrew Magwood of the Magwood Law Firm, Norwich Connecticut, shows that noncompete litigation remained steady in Connecticut since 2005. (read more…)

The new overtime rules, (I recently reported on these, here) which would have increased overtime for nearly 4 million employees, has been placed on hold for the time being by a Federal Judge in Texas. (read more…)