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We have a beautiful state with tons of manufacturing, both present and historical. The combination of those two can create legal problems for the unsuspecting. Does that parking lot encroach into the upland wetland zone? Are there legacy environmental waste issues on that property, and how does that impact your future land use? What are the impacts on property value when latent pollution is discovered on the site?

The laws and regulations that impact the value and use of your property are numerous and stems from the municipal, state, and federal laws that are sometimes tangled together, sometimes overlap, and sometimes seem to interfere with one another. You’ve got to have somebody that can untangle and understand the laws. You need some clear understanding of what your rights and responsibilities are.

We have the experience in the insight when it comes to land-use and environmental regulation that will help you make informed business decisions, or lead you through the legal minefield when you’re involved in a lawsuit or enforcement action from a government agency.

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