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When the first things every business is to ask when faced with a legal challenge is whether they are going to be throwing more money into an endless pit. You know the old saying, throwing good money after bad. In Connecticut as with the rest of the United States, we go by the “American rule” which says each party pays their own legal fees. That means win lose or draw, you are going to have to pay for your own lawyer. There are exceptions where you may be able to shift your attorneys fees to the losing party, but in general you will have to plan on paying your own attorney. (Call us to discuss what those exceptions are.)

Our hallmarks of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and certainty run contrary to much of the legal industry. The primary way we are able to make these commitments is through alternative fee arrangements. Typically a law firm or a lawyer will charge an hourly rate multiplied by the time spent on the matter, usually in six minute increments. While there is a time and place for hourly billing, we typically base our fee on the value to the client and not merely the time spent by our office.

We make it easy to pay your invoice by credit or debit card.

We start with understanding exactly what your legal needs are. Not just a problem, but also your desired outcomes. “Winning” means different things in different contexts. We then work out a strategy and the price. Many times the fee agreement contains a holdback provision based on desired outcomes.

We know that this will increase efficiency since there is no incentive for anyone to drag the matter out unnecessarily. This approach also allows our clients to make informed business decisions because of the cost-effectiveness and certainty our fee arrangements provide.

We think you’ll agree that this is a better way of doing business. Of course, if your situation requires an hourly billing arrangement, we can accommodate that as well.

If you want to find out what kind of fee arrangement would work well in your situation call the Magwood Law Firm at (860) 373-2386.

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