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Fraud cases often come up in a business context because not only did somebody fail to fulfill their end of the bargain (that is, to break the contract) they also did it in a underhanded order to prove fraud you have to prove that not only did the offending party not do what they said they would do but that they made a false representation knowing that they were never going to fulfill it.

While not falling under the fraud heading, there are other causes of action that can arise in a business setting where a person does not fulfill the obligations that they said they would. For instance, a business can sue for interference with their contractual relationships. Or, a business might be harmed by false representations made by another party (also known as false light representations). These cases arise out of a number of settings, but usually are the fallout of the business deal gone wrong.

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Sometimes cases are brought in one state even though the events occurred in another. There are a variety of reasons for this but, the question arises “how does a Connecticut court handle a case from another state?” A recent case in the Connecticut Supreme Court highlighted how courts will handle this. In Ronald Gold et al. vs. John Rowald et al., (read more…)

I already posted on the changes to overtime law but now those changes are set to be implemented. If you need help working through the changes and what they may mean for you, give us a call at 860-373-2386.

So says the court in a recently decided case, Solairaj v. Mannarino Builders, Inc., AC 37988 Court of Appeals of Connecticut (September 6, 2016). The long and short of the case, (read more…)

There are several types of lawyers, even though we all go through the same basic legal training. So, you probably are wondering what makes a good business lawyer? This is what I would look for, if I was looking for a business lawyer: (read more…)

It is so nice to win on appeal, overturning a stunning loss at trial, having the Court adopt your reasoning in its decision. Except when you concede issues that come back to bite you. The defendant in Western Dermatology Consultants, P.C. v. VitalWorks, Inc. had this happen in, what I will call “The Good, The Not-So-Bad and The Ugly.” (read more…)