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“General liability” is exactly what it sounds like: the obligations that a business house that arise out of its general operations. Often times general liability is code for bodily injury or property damage claims that happen like premises liability or other types of injuries that occur to third parties when they’re involved in a business relationship. For instance, if somebody slips and falls into store or trips on the sidewalk or a tree falls over on a neighboring fence.

If you have a business insurance policy you most likely have some sort of coverage for these types of injuries and damages. If you have a claim made by a third-party to your business , it’s usually best to contact your insurance adjuster insurance or agent.  Of course you may not want to make a claim or you may have questions about the process, or you may have no insurance coverage. In those cases you should probably talk to an attorney early on in the process. Even if your plan is to simply settle the case in or claim and move on it may be worthwhile to have a competent attorney on your side.

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