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Every day that you get up and get ready to go to work there are 20 million things that could go wrong. Shipments to get mis-routed, payments that got made late, lost orders, employee difficulties. In short, everything that makes owning or operating a business “business.”

We help businesses handle all of this stuff that keeps them running smoothly. Whether this is a start up and you need to choose and decide on what business entity, drafting partnership and shareholder agreements, or this is an ongoing business dealing with state federal and local regulatory issues, we can help you.

Or perhaps it’s time to wind up the business, or retire and transfer it to the next generation of family. We can help you plan for a smooth transition and make sure it gets executed properly. Honestly, creating and building your product or serving your clients is what you are to focus on. Let us focus on all the other stuff.

To find out what stuff we can take off your plate, call the Magwood Law Firm at (860) 373-2386.

The new overtime rules, (I recently reported on these, here) which would have increased overtime for nearly 4 million employees, has been placed on hold for the time being by a Federal Judge in Texas. (read more…)