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Technical competence and personal service are not mutually exclusive.

From time to time good, hard-working, decent people need help with a legal problem. This could be because of an accident or injury to themselves or a loved one, disputes with neighbors or government officials, planning for the future or simply needing assistance with navigating every day life. We are real people and recognize no one wakes up one day thinking “everything is great, I’m going to go hire a lawyer!”

The first thing you need to do is make sure you understand how to hire the right lawyer for your situation. Check out our free information on how to hire a lawyer. (HINT – we may not be the right law firm for your situation. You need to know that the lawyer you contact will tell you if they are the right firm for you.) We have two separate websites set up for injury clients. We want to provide you with plenty of information before you ever have to pick up the phone and talk to a law firm. When you do call – even if you decide not to call us – you will be better able to understand how the process works.

Then you need some information that will help you become an informed legal consumer. We’ve tried to provide free information on this website, and links to other free information, that will the helpful to you even if you hire another lawyer, or decide you don’t need to hire an attorney at all.

Take some time to look at the free information on our website. When you’re ready to find a solution to your legal needs, call us at (860) 373-2386, email us, or use any of the contact forms on this website to set an appointment.

These are some of the areas that we handle: