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Car Crash

Our Connecticut personal injury law firm has firmly established ourselves with the insurance companies as strong advocates for our clients in their battle to get the compensation they deserve. They know full well that we are very willing to go to trial to deliver justice. We have consistently obtained fair compensation for our clients in verdicts and settlements.

Our firm only takes cases where we 100% believe the client is entitled to compensation. We take cases for clients we believe in that we think deserve compensation either for the harm that was done to them or for the loss of someone they loved dearly. We prepare every single case as if we are going to trial.

We also realize that you might not be coming here to look for a lawyer but to get real information. If so, you have come to the right place. This is a comprehensive information website for tort victims in the Norwich and New London areas. Our web site contains a wealth of information for victims trying to figure out where to turn and what they can really expect, including information on what Norwich, Connecticut personal injury victims need to do, how long it might take, and just how much their case might be worth.

If you have been injured by a negligent party, you probably want to get your life back on track as much as possible, unfortunately…

You would not believe the lengths that many insurance companies and their insurance adjusters will go to just to prevent you from seeking legal action on your behalf. Some will go as far as writing letters to claimants like you to discourage you from seeking legal representation! They have also been successful in turning the minds of people against the legal process you are thinking of going through to recover a fair financial recovery for your claim. They know that verdicts have been affected by this and will offer low-ball, unfair settlements until a plaintiff like you proves that you are willing to go to trial.

We have a whole website devoted to Connecticut car, truck & motorcycle accidents. There is more information there.