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Don’t get frightened by the word “estate.” Even if you are not one of the Rich & Famous, you have an estate. It is simply the “stuff” you own during your life. Estate planning is nothing more complicated than getting a plan in place for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

It can be complicated. It depends on how complicated your situation is.

We tailor every plan to meet the needs of you and your family. This is not a document you can buy from an online retailer.

Also, we provide something as important as the plan. We provide insight, wisdom and knowledgeable legal advice. In short, we become your Most Trusted Adviser.

To get started just takes a call. Do it today. (860) 373-2386.

Estimates are that 70% of Americans die intestate – that is without any estate planning whatsoever. Here are my top three questions and answers for estate planning: (read more…)

I was going to put out some free resources, and was considering putting out a free power of attorney form. But, I hesitated and ultimately decided against putting one out. Why? (read more…)