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Can They Garnish My Wages? And What Does That Mean?

Short answers – yes, “they” can garnish your wages, and it means that your employer will be required to pay a portion of your wages to a debt collector. But, I am assuming you already know that. So, here is a short list of things you may not know about wage garnishment:

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When Should You Declare Bankruptcy?

To be bankrupt means to be “unable to satisfy any just claims made.” So, when you are unable to resolve claims against you, then you are in fact bankrupt, even if you have not declared bankruptcy. I get lots of consultations from people who are panicking, but are not actually bankrupt. For instance, if you […]

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The Bills Are Killing Me

You are not alone. Life happens to all of us, and for some it hits us really hard in the bank account. Here is a list of famous people who each had to file bankruptcy at one time or another:

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