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HOA issues "Thank you Andrew for helping us with our HOA situation. I do not think we could've gotten through it alone!" - Pamela (5 Stars on AVVO)

Professional and compassionate "I greatly appreciated all the time Mr. Magwood took with our situation. He was prompt in finding answers for us and communicated with us as needed..thank you for a job well done." - Cindy (5 Stars on AVVO)

Highly recommended "Did a fantastic job with our Lemon Law case. We got everything we asked. Very responsive and gave us excellent advice throughout the case." - Darryll (5 Stars on AVVO)

Overall comments about Mr. Magwood "Mr. Magwood is highly intelligent and well versed in his area of expertise. In addition, he is licensed to practice law in more than one state of the USA. He knows what he needs to do in order to accede to the client's wishes." - Karen (5 Stars on AVVO)

"I have spent 2 days trying to figure out info for what I needed and by chance found Magwood law firm online and called and he was so helpful with the info that I'm going to go ahead and do what I need to Instead if giving up like I was about to...... Highly recommend if you have any questions to call and get the helpful info you need. Thank you so much" - William B. (5 Stars on Google)


D. vs. V. - Employment/Trade Secrets. Obtained a defense judgment, and the plaintiff had to pay my client's attorney fees for a claim that my client stole trade secrets during employment. Plaintiff had claimed six figures in alleged damages from a departing salesperson.

I. vs. S. - Insurance Coverage. Plaintiff was an insurance company suing my client for over $1 million for payments made on my client's behalf. Plaintiff claimed my client had committed fraud in obtaining insurance coverage. We were able to show that any false information in the application was accidental or the fault of the broker and able to get our client removed from the case without trial.

D. vs. A. - Product Liability. Plaintiff sued claiming he was injured while properly using equipment made by my client. We were able to show that he had improperly used the equipment and a third party had not followed instructions in assembly and where able to favorably settle the claims for my client.

S. vs. R. - Business Litigation. My client purchased equipment from a vendor that had been wrongfully withheld from its original owner. Although the original owner received the equipment back from my client, he sued for nearly $1 million in damages. We obtained a complete defense verdict and the Plaintiff had to pay costs.


M. vs. U. - Business Litigation. $2.1 million judgment against a fraudulent "debt settlement" firm which did not perform the services they promised, which caused my clients to lose their home.

H. vs. A. - Medical Negligence. Confidential Settlement. My client was injured in a series of accidents, culminating in medical injuries from a negligent practitioner. We recovered settlements from the original person who caused the accident, as well as the medical provider.

G. vs. E. - Employment. Confidential Settlement. After numerous attempts by the defense to defeat this claim, we obtained a confidential settlement from an entertainment company on behalf of my client based on a claim that he had a contract for employment. Three other law firms turned this case down, saying that the contract was not enforceable because it was based on a series of email messages. The weekend before trial, an offer was made to settle the case without trial.

N. vs. D. - Product Liability. $100,000 settlement. My client was injured when a defective medical device failed. Defendant claimed the devices worked correctly, but settled rather than proceed to trial.