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Category: business

Get a Second Legal Opinion

We had a client years ago who had a medical device go bad on him. Another law firm (we won’t name names) refused him, saying he didn’t have a case. It was difficult, that much was true. But we still got him a six-figure settlement. In another situation, an employee who had been wrongfully terminated, […]

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Strange laws…

Connecticut cracks down on Uber and Lyft. A recent law is requiring “Transportation network Companies” (which the state admits is aimed at Uber and Lyft) to do various things before operating in the state. For instance, they now have to register with the state Department of Transportation, (for fifty grand each, and a five grand […]

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Where do we sue, and what law applies?

Sometimes cases are brought in one state even though the events occurred in another. There are a variety of reasons for this but, the question arises “how does a Connecticut court handle a case from another state?” A recent case in the Connecticut Supreme Court highlighted how courts will handle this. In Ronald Gold et […]

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If You Can’t Prove Breach of Contract You Can’t Prove CUTPA

So says the court in a recently decided case, Solairaj v. Mannarino Builders, Inc., AC 37988 Court of Appeals of Connecticut (September 6, 2016). The long and short of the case,

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A good business lawyer?

There are several types of lawyers, even though we all go through the same basic legal training. So, you probably are wondering what makes a good business lawyer? This is what I would look for, if I was looking for a business lawyer:

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