Can I get a second opinion on my lawsuit?

We had a client years ago who had a medical device go bad on him. Another law firm (we won’t name names) refused him, saying he didn’t have a case. It was difficult, that much was true. But we still got him a six-figure settlement.

In another situation, an employee who had been wrongfully terminated, called four law firms (and an in-law who was an attorney). All of them said he had no case because he had no contract and it was an “at will” termination. We took the case and they offered one month pay as settlement. Two years later, just before trial, after we had beat them on everything (this was a big, national labor-law firm) they pony up a large payment. Multiple six-figures.

Did I mention that multiple law firms and attorneys rejected these cases saying they had no case? Remember, it is called the “practice of law” – it is not an exact science. Just like medicine, you should call around and get a second opinion. In fact, you should probably call us. Maybe we agree with the other attorneys, or maybe we think the case has merit. In any case, we will always shoot straight with you. The call is no charge.

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